YWCA Women’s Education Center

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us make this project a reality!

Please watch the following video to see how meaningful the Women’s Center has been in the lives of these women in Myanmar:

Last year we were able to raise enough money to complete the YWCA Women’s Center. At the opening ceremony we learned just how much impact is has already had in their lives!

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The Women’s Development Center that is being built will give young women opportunities for and access to skills trainings.  


Young women -especially ethnic minorities- living in the Thaunggyi area continue to suffer greatly because of the armed conflict that has been devastating this region for decades. Many have been forced to drop out of high school simply to survive. Theses girls lack access to education, knowledge, and skills that can lead to their economic advancement.


Having healthy job opportunities will not just benefit these families economically, it will also improve their general social welfare and assist them in finding even better employment in the future.

Additional information provided by YWCA of Myanmar:

How large of an area will this Women’s Center impact?

20 villages around Thandaunggyi city will benefit through the Women Development Center. 

What is the anticipated yearly benefit to the women and their family?

Every year this vocational training will directly bless the lives of an estimated 75 women and 300 of their family members.

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What kind of programs and activities will participants be involved in?


·         Sewing Training

·         Handicraft training

·         Business Planning training 

·         Basic Computer training

·         Capacity Building training 

What additional programs or activities that will be available to these women?

·         Classes on: Improved health & hygiene; general life skills; gender studies; business development; environmental awareness; peace keeping methods; and women and law

·         Events such as: “Special Day” in Myanmar, International Day events, etc

·         Fellowship program 


Where will these women sell crafts created within the program?

-          Showcase at Women Development Center (Thandaunggy and Yangon)    

Direct benefits to this area include:

-          Increased income for impoverished families

-          Encouragement of other specific means for creating future opportunities

-          Greater female empowerment in family decision-making

-          Increased numbers of young women able to utilize ICT & participate more actively in different spaces

-          More peace promoting, positive messages conveyed to young people in a war torn region

-          Greater confidence and the development of skills necessary to play a leadership role in peace building 


The completed Women’s Education Center 


Outside the completed Women’s Education Center

Outside the completed Women’s Education Center

Inside the Center

Inside the Center