When we build schools in areas that do not have access to clean drinking water we often facilitate the drilling and building of clean water wells. Villagers participate as much as they can in the process, working alongside trained professionals from elsewhere in the country. 

This year we helped a primitive village build their 1st clean water well. They graciously allowed us to place the name of our supporter, Jon M. Huntsman, on the well in gratitude of his support and generosity towards the people of Myanmar.

We created this video to share the experience with his family & friends (and, with their permission, YOU!)



We also fund well projects in locations where new schools are not being built. In these and other instances, we find that the people are so grateful for the clean water they are able to use to replace their only other water supply: stagnant rain water reservairs.


Without access to clean water

They often use the same filthy water the animals bathe in

Mayanmar first attempt-176.jpg


Mayanmar first attempt-136.jpg



Watch one experience we had visiting a newly drilled well in February of 2018:

A new, clean water well in a rural village with access to no other clean water sources is cause for a celebration and a revered buddhist monk’s blessing…