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Our first school was built was built in 2008 in a remote region of the country, immediately following the devastation of Cyclone Nargis. In this part of the country alone the storm killed over 138,000 people.


The government of Myanmar refused foreign aid at that time, but because Clarence & Jayne Jones had a relationship with the Community Development Association (CDA) the Jared Prescott Trust was able to help them. We’ve worked them ever since. 

The aftermath of Cyclone Nargis

The aftermath of Cyclone Nargis

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Keith Prescott & Clarence Jones speaking with a CDA Project Manager

Keith Prescott & Clarence Jones speaking with a CDA Project Manager

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The Young Women’s Christian Association of Myanmar is doing incredible work for the people of this country. They provide opportunities for women to continually improve their families by supporting their small business growth.

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The YWCA micro finance program has a repayment rate of 99.7%. A truly astounding track record.


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During the monthly accountability meetings the YWCA also teaches valuable lessons to the people of these small villages. They are able to learn everything from better personal hygiene to ways to better run their small businesses. For these and other reasons we are fortunate to be able to support them in all the good that they do.

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This year we are excited to be building a Women’s Education Center for the YWCA in central Myanmar. Please help us fund this project!