Micro Finance

Helping Families with Small Business Loans

We partner with the YWCA of Myanmar because they have created an amazingly successful program with a 99.7% loan repayment rate. Through this program the YWCA is able to support women who are working to better their families. We want to help them expand their program to help even more families!

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They meet at least once a month with YWCA representatives. At these meetings they learn how to improve their businesses and families, and are often even taught other important things such as how to have better hygiene and health.

Communities are strengthened as these women support one another and hold one another accountable for their successes.

The welfare of the group is even quite literally impacted by each individual's actions, because new business loans are only available when every group member has repaid their loan for the month.

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Here is a video complication from our 2018 trip: We attended a monthly meeting, saw community members making monthly loan payments and were even taken to see a few of their businesses!